3-In-1 Rib Experience, Delivering to Downtown Toronto

Delivery every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 5pm to 8pm. Store pickup also available at 212 King Street West, across Roy Thomson Hall. 

Use discount code RIBDELIVERY for free delivery. 

Ribfest Platter

Ultimate rib experience, offering three distinct rib types in the same platter with comfort sides and two summer pies. Arrives cooked and warm. Available for delivery or pickup. Platter serves four people. 

A Ribfest Platter Includes 11 Items

Salty, sweet, savoury, and sour, all in one BBQ platter.

Full Rack of Smoked Beef Back Ribs
Comes in 7-8 bones, with meat in between the bones. The perfect level of sauce and kick from our Poblano & Lime BBQ Sauce sauce. 

1 Smoked "Dinosaur" Beef Short Rib
Smoked for 9 hours and are fall-off-the-bone with a strong beefy flavour.

4 Slices Korean BBQ Ribs
Sliced ribs that are marinated overnight in a pear puree for the most authentic experience. 

Beef Bacon Mac and Cheese
Five cheese blend includes smoked gouda, cheddar, smoked cheddar, parmesan, and mozzarella. Also includes our own smoked Beef Bacon. 

Large Creamy Coleslaw
Mix of shredded red cabbage, carrots, and raisins.

2 Cornbreads
Combination of jalapeno and cheddar.

Mango Pie
Deep dish, with a thick flaky crust. Alphonso mango puree filling with condensed milk, topped with fresh diced mangoes and dark chocolate shavings. 

Banana Cream Pie
Vanilla based pastry cream with whipped banana. Topped with whipped cream and brûlée bananas.

Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy on the outside, sweetness on the inside.

Smokey BBQ Sauce
Smoked paprika, cayenne, and brown sugar provides several layers of flavours to compliment brisket and rib.

Crinkle-cut, sweet and sour.

See What Others Are Saying

Mark Fahmy

Although this place is farely new, the food was amazing. I ordered the dinosaur ribs, that came with waffle fries, chips, coleslaw, pickles, and so many other sides. The ribs were made with such perfection and the fact that they weren’t soaked or slobbered in sauce and you had the option to add BBQ sauce was great. The Mac & cheese with bacon was so cheesy and so apparently home made that I couldn’t get enough...

Melanie Joseph

We got the father's deal package and it was delicious. We will definitely eat from there again. My favourite: their delicious pies! My husband loved the brisket. Our two year old ate more mac and cheese than we thought possible..


Amazing food and amazing service! I highly recommend this restaurant.

Steve Lane

Oh my gosh - we have ordered twice from Meat and Pie Co. I have never had such amazing bbq food - The first order was the brisket - tender and smokey, we had the coleslaw - tangy, not too acidic, for Father's Day we Ordered the Ribfest platter - sooo good.

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